Welcome, explorer

I’m a very curious person. I’m curious about you. Your place in the world, how your brain works, what drives you to love, hate, cry or stamp your feet and shout swear words at your TV. And because I’m curious, I like to explore life with people. If you’re curious too, come find out more about me and join me for an Exploration Session.

What is an Exploration Session?

An Exploration Session is one-to-one coaching time where we can explore whatever you want. Anything that’s bothering you, holding you back or confusing you. Whether you can articulate the problem or just have a funny feeling about things, think of it as some interesting, exciting and possibly life-changing total you-time.

What’s the benefit?

Why should we do this together? It’s all about perspective. You have a view of the world; a very particular and unique lens that you see it through. We all have them. When we only see the world through this perspective, it’s hard to change our opinions, thoughts or approach.

I’ll push you to see things from a different perspective, see new ways of doing things and push past age-old habits to find that the world really can be seen in infinite ways. When you change your perspective, you change your life.

What can we talk about?

  • Feeling stuck and urgh
    “This just doesn’t feel like what I wanna do with my life, please say I don’t have to do this forever” (you don’t)
  • Feeling anxious and scared and argh
    “Oh God, don’t make me [go on a plane], can’t I just [curl up in a ball] instead?” [insert fears and get-arounds here]
  • Feeling new to something and hmmm
    “How the hell do I do this without making a total idiot of myself?!”
  • Feeling totally not you and all out of sorts
    “I hate what I wear / look like / feel like / who my friends are / how I am at work or with my partner or with my parents or with my kids”
  • Feeling in charge but also really not
    “So, I’m meant to be leading this thing / team but I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING AND THEY’RE ALL GOING TO KNOW”
  • Feeling at a crossroads and umm
    “Where next?”

What do your clients say about all this?

“The guidance helped me to solidify my current (at the time) thoughts and guide me as to where I am now. Which is a much better place! I became more focused in knowing where I wanted to go, and what I needed to do in order to do that.

It also helped to confirm and legitimise what I felt about my position at the time, and that I needed to change where I was and what I was doing, as it was having a negative impact on my life and relationships outside of work.

Following *just one session!* I have changed my job, and now work doing what I have wanted to do for some time. I still keep the scraps of paper so I can look back at where I’ve come from, it helps to appreciate the change and remind me that even when things feel overwhelming, there is always a solution.”



“After receiving coaching from Alex I certainly felt like I got to know myself better and had some ‘penny drop’ moments about things in my life – things I believed, things I wanted, things I feared – that I hadn’t realised before. I was both inspired and nudged to take a critical look at myself and confront any parts that I didn’t like or didn’t want, for the better. Alex was a great listener and I found it easy showing her my vulnerable side, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be judged or ‘told off’. Alex gave me little tasks and thinking exercises – not really homework, more of a challenge to try new approaches or ways of looking at the world – which helped to broaden and change my perspective. Alex’s interest in people and passion for helping them to develop and discover their potential is evident in her work, and her clients will benefit from her enthusiasm and compassion!”



“Alex has a knack for asking just the right questions. Thanks to her coaching I gained a fresh perspective on a situation I was facing at work. Alex is one of life’s cheerleaders, and frankly we all need someone enthusiastic to provide encouragement from time-to-time, especially in situations where we feel less-than-confident. My sessions with Alex resulted in me feeling happier and lighter, and I ended up going for that promotion thanks to her coaching. I couldn’t have done it without her.”



“Without fail, I found Alex’s coaching sessions to be real eye-openers to what was REALLY going on with me.  I would often turn up, not knowing what to expect nor to talk about, but by the end, I’d been gently led to see some really quite profound solutions and ways of looking at things in my life that would have a big impact.  She has a miraculous way of drawing out what’s really important and then helping you find a solution to addressing whatever it is you need in your life right now.

Alex is very warm and welcoming and very good at what she does.  I’d highly recommend her coaching skills!”


OK, sounds like I could do with that. How do I book?

Book an Exploration Session with me


Sessions are held by Skype, so you can be wherever suits you best. Choose a 30 minute (£25) or 60 minute (£45) session from the calendar and I’ll send you an email with details of how to pay.

If it’s your first time, you get 30 minutes free! Give it a go before diving into the deep end. There’s absolutely no obligation to book any further sessions.

I’m not sure yet… I have questions… I just want to say hello…

Chuck me an email at welcome@lifemoreextraordinary.co.uk.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Stay curious,