How to find your calling

In relation to my earlier post about following curiosity, this just sums it up perfectly, but spoken in a very different way:

Do you have any insights as to how one finds their calling?Akshat V. (Bangalore, India)

Say two people want to find the love of their life, Person A and Person B.

Person A never goes on dates, opting instead to sit alone debating in her head about who the exact kind of person is she will fall in love with. She scours online profiles, but never contacts anyone. Instead, her plan is to wait until she comes across the profile so perfect for her that she’ll know she’s found The One. Then and only then will she reach out to that person for a date.

Person B goes on a lot of dates, constantly meeting new people and keeping an open mind, because she knows she probably doesn’t know either herself or the type of match that makes sense for her as well as she thinks she does.

Who’s more likely to find the love of their life?

Tim Urban

This is stolen directly from the Wait But Why blog, which by the way is one of the most interesting and funniest blogs I have delivered to my inbox. It fact, it’s one of the very few that survived my recent cull of email subscriptions. Congratulations Tim!

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