It’s all very interesting


“Curiosity only ever asks one simple question – is there anything that interests you?” – Liz Gilbert, Big Magic

Is there? Anything, any little thing at all?

Perhaps you already know your life’s work, the thing that drives you every day, that you can’t stop doing and you can’t stop thinking about. Your Passion, your Element. If you’re lucky, it might be what you do for a living, or you might earn a living which enables you to do your Thing as often as you need and want to.

But this is for those who aren’t really quite sure. Which, I’m guessing, is most of you. Because passion doesn’t come to everyone all the time, in fact it might not come to you very much at all, maybe never. Perhaps you’ve never felt that burning desire to throw away everything and follow That Dream, because, well, you haven’t got one. IT’S OK. THAT’S TOTALLY NORMAL.

What you will have in your life is curiosity. The “little yeses”, as Lisa Russell talks about in her blog post. Those teeny tiny things that you feel peeking at you, beckoning you to try them out. Planting a bulb, cooking a meal, drawing a quick sketch, taking a course, reading a book. Not the ones you should do, the ones you’re just kinda interested in. Maybe you’ll draw a sketch, then never pick up up a pencil again. Maybe you’ll start reading a book, then give up as it doesn’t interest you. Maybe you’ll cook a meal, then decide perhaps it’s better your partner carries on doing the cooking. But maybe, just maybe, your little curiosity turns into something. You sign up for a blog writing competition. You reinvigorate your blog. You scrap all the old stuff. You write your first post. Your Mum responds to it because you forgot she was following you. This inspires you to write some more. You start to realise how fantastic it feels to put all these curious thoughts and meandering interests into words. Who knows what will happen next.

(Yes, I am talking about me by the way).

Whenever you find yourself coming up with reasons and excuses not to follow the curiosity trail, I would urge you to put them aside and just see where it goes. Humans are naturally curious creatures, when we allow ourselves to be. Seems a shame to shut down an instinct as natural as that.

Wherever your curiousness takes you, it will all be very interesting after all, and that is surely a pretty good way to live life.


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