Riding out the bad days

I’ve specifically decided to write this when I’m having a really “bad day”. I’ll explain the quotes in a bit.

Bad days are like a bad smell – they can hit you very suddenly, you never know when they’re coming and they just seem to permeate everything. They can’t really be avoided either – humans are made to feel the whole range of emotions for a reason, they are there to tell us something, even if that something isn’t very obvious.

I think my “bad day” was fairly explainable to be honest – I went back to work after a wonderful 4 day weekend away full of sun, it was rainy, I’ve started coming down with some sort of illness and I made my child cry by taking away her toy before bed.

If I’m really honest, it wasn’t even that bad a day – my meetings at work went pretty well, I ate good food, I went for a little drive through some lovely villages after work with the family. Hence the “bad day” quotes. All in all, could have been much worse.

So what do we do about these bad days? Well, the natural response is to catastrophise, slump back into your worst habits, whatever form they may take, and mourn the good days, wishing time away until some external factor makes you happy again.

However, perhaps we need to approach bad days a little differently. Perhaps they should be given a bit of a break, allowed to have their time and move on. If you fight them, you just spend more time feeling guilty, annoyed and anxious. Perhaps we could even relax into them a bit, allow ourselves the time to relax because maybe they’re trying to tell us we just need a bit of TLC. And even, a radical idea, we could celebrate them, thank them for allowing us to realise how good a good day really is. Because if all we had were good days we wouldn’t be able to appreciate them, we wouldn’t have anything to compare them to.

Writing this post has made me feel better. Acknowledging my rubbishy day has been cathartic, and perhaps there’s something I just love about writing too.

And to make you (OK, me) feel better, here’s a pretty little picture from the weekend:


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