A curious life

This is what I am going to lead. A curious life. One full of inquisitiveness and learning and new things and observation and exploration. Always asking why and never feeling bad about that. Doing things I think are silly or stupid or impossible or crazy or wild, just to see what happens. Stopping and looking and seeing life as it is, not always trying to predict what comes next or judge what I’m doing. Being open and honest and real and living life as me and not anyone else’s version or vision of me.

Learning to take a breath and take a second to observe life rather than just rushing through it like I’m on a steam train to the end of days without a moment to look out of the window and enjoy the scenery.

What are you rushing towards? What is your end goal? And what happens when you reach the end? What next? What comes after? It’s a risky road, hoping that sacrificing your current days will pay off for the days that come next year or in 10 years or when you retire. So instead of driving that train full steam ahead I’m going to take a passenger seat, relax, and watch the wonders of life as they go past rather than looking back and wishing I had.

Stay open. Stay curious. Stay you.